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The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 quickly changed everything in our world. Travel, celebrations, award ceremonies, live events, public gatherings and more all necessarily came to a screeching halt and then rapidly evolved, as we do what’s right and necessary to keep each other safe. The impact was profound across our lives and our work – including the SDI team.

The incentive programs we deliver for our clients reward high performers and drive growth – and that momentum cannot stop just because travel is not currently an option.  Our clients needed pandemic-friendly programs, and we drew upon decades of experience to develop creative, virtual solutions to encourage connection and excitement, convey appreciation and demonstrate how much the participants are valued by their organizations.

Travel is of course always unpredictable – plans change and challenges arise.  The SDI team has always been proud that when you work with us, we walk in lock step with you from concept through execution.  Our experienced team leads the way, proactively offers the best solutions and solves small and complex problems to deliver the intended results. As the reality of the global pandemic challenged everything, and travel went from unpredictable to impossible, our ability to pivot, adapt and grow became more important than ever – to our team, to our partners and to our clients.

From virtual award ceremonies in celebration of hard-earned successes, to custom gift boxes shipped around the world, to livestream destination cooking and cocktail demonstrations – keeping the experience personal and creating opportunities for genuine connection is key. Virtual events done right create excitement for future incentive programs, and they create moments that are both rewarding and memorable.

Live events remain embedded in our hearts, and we cannot wait to be back on the road and in the air with our clients.  As we move into a post-pandemic world, the return to in-person programs will look different for every client, and they should.  From virtual to hybrid to safe in-person, SDI Meetings & Incentives brings the experience that matters and the creativity clients deserve to deliver on their goals no matter the pivot required.

About Us: SDI Meetings & Incentives is the global-yet-boutique meetings, incentives and special events partner driven by the basic truth that Experience Matters.  Creating custom experiences to reward performance and fuel growth, SDI taps decades of expertise to deliver solutions managed from concept through execution by one tenured point of contact. We’ve produced programs around the world, for groups from 10 to thousands, combining the exact right elements to support our clients’ goals and to motivate and inspire their attendees. Find out more and contact us at