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The SDI team has traveled all over the world, and over the last year, we visited hundreds of destinations that were new even to us!  Spending time with our clients and their guests virtually in their own offices and homes was an opportunity we never would have anticipated, but it allowed us to develop and deliver some of the most personal incentive programs in our 28 years. Keeping clients safe and connected, rewarding success even in the most challenging times and honoring the ongoing work of top performers were among the top goals for our clients this year.  How do we make sure your virtual gathering hits these marks?  Read on!

Keep it Personal

It’s easy to feel less connected during virtual events, so be sure to include elements that invite direct interaction and highlight personal accomplishments.  Break up one long event into themed and smaller breakout rooms, fostering conversation and bonding, plus a mix of activities keeps the event flowing and the energy higher all the way through. Especially in rewarding top performers, making the award winners feel seen and celebrated conveys appreciation and the importance they have in the success of the organization.  At one client event, SDI’s team worked secretly with the honorees’ friends, family and colleagues to create custom videos that celebrated their achievements and acknowledged their personal contributions.

Build Excitement for the Future

While incentive programs look different now, we can celebrate that one day we’ll be traveling together again. Build excitement for future incentive programs through a virtual launch event. Tease out details of your future trip, work with local partners to create live, custom cooking and mixology demonstrations that celebrate the destination’s cuisine and preview unique opportunities that attendees will be able to experience. Taking your attendees on a virtual tour of a destination that they will visit in the future keeps them engaged now and drives excitement and participation in your incentive program.

Bring the Gifts to Them

We know travel is one of the best gifts you can give – but when you can’t travel, sending a personal, meaningful gift helps motivate your team and delivers joy to their door! SDI worked with clients to create custom, high-value gift boxes and deliver them to individuals’ homes – even to teams located around the world.  Share the experience of a wine tasting, send ingredients for the chef demonstration or provide snacks for the evening. Your attendees will feel connected as they unbox their collection during your event and participate in activities together.  Relationships with local purveyors helps curate the best experience no matter where the gifts are being received.

As we move through 2021, the future remains unscripted.  We do know that connection, inspiration and celebration will be part of everything we do and what our clients need to achieve their goals. Virtually, in hybrid or in person once again, SDI Meetings & Incentives delivers the powerful and memorable experiences that matter.

About Us: SDI Meetings & Incentives is the global-yet-boutique meetings, incentives and special events partner driven by the basic truth that Experience Matters.  Creating custom experiences to reward performance and fuel growth, SDI taps decades of expertise to deliver solutions managed from concept through execution by one tenured point of contact. We’ve produced programs around the world, for groups from 10 to thousands, combining the exact right elements to support our clients’ goals and to motivate and inspire their attendees. Find out more and contact us at