The Quest

A long-standing tire manufacturing client wanted a high-end incentive program at a five-star resort in the Caribbean for 500 participants.

The Challenge

None of the five-star Caribbean resorts our client preferred offered enough sleeping rooms and function space for a group of this size. Additionally, air travel for 500 people to one island also presented a challenge.

The World Class Result

SDI created a one-of-a-kind exclusive incentive travel program. The entire group travelled to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Half the group was greeted at the San Juan airport and transported to the cruise terminal. There they boarded a private chartered luxury cruise ship for an exclusive three-night cruise to the islands of St. Thomas, St. Bart’s, and St. Maarten.

The other half of the group was whisked away via commercial and chartered air to the island of Nevis and a beautiful five-star resort, where our client had an exclusive buy-out of the property. This group experienced a spectacular, custom-designed three-night program with specially planned daytime and evening events.


On the morning of the fourth day, the cruise ship anchored just off-shore from Nevis so everyone could celebrate together. While both groups enjoyed a lobster bake and a full-day beach party, the luggage for each group was seamlessly transferred behind the scenes. As the beach party concluded, the guests from the cruise ship were escorted to their rooms at the resort and the guests who had been enjoying the resort were transferred to their waiting cruise ship. Each group was then able to enjoy what the other group had just experienced. In the end, everyone’s expectations were wildly exceeded with this creative and unique program.